Simplify Your Accounting With CAPS

Complete Accounting & Payroll Solution (CAPS) provides your business with complete customized accounting, payroll and tax solution for a fixed monthly fee.

At Vanderford CPA, we understand that as a small business owner there are many demands on your time. Managing the daily operations leaves you little time for anything else, including handling your bookkeeping, payroll and taxes. Often the time business owners spend taking care of these daily task results in lost revenues or loss of family time. Our CAPS program can simplify your accounting and free you from these daily time-consuming tasks.

CAPS stands for Complete Accounting and Payroll Solution. This customizable solution allows us to handle all of your accounting, payroll and tax compliance. You choose a level of service based on your needs. For a fixed monthly fee, we will develop a solution that frees up your valuable time and relieves you from stress. This fixed fee arrangement makes budgeting for accounting, payroll and tax compliance simple.

In addition to simplifying your accounting, we also take the time to meet with you for semi-annual planning meetings to review and offer valuable insight on your business’s financial performance and to update your tax plan. Our professional financial analysis will give you better visibility into the factors driving your business and your profitability.

Below is one of our more popular CAPS package combinations.

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